Understanding and Addressing Snoring: Causes and Treatment Options

Snoring occurs when the tissues of the soft palate, tongue, and pharynx (throat) vibrate during sleep. It is often a multi-factorial and multi-level issue, with some individuals experiencing a more severe condition known as Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). In OSA, patients suffer from repeated episodes of respiratory obstruction throughout the night, sometimes as frequently as 60 times per hour or more.

What contributes to Snoring?
Snoring is commonly observed in individuals with increased resistance to airflow in the nose and throat. This resistance can be caused by various factors, including a deviated nasal septum, enlarged inferior turbinates, nasopharyngeal adenoids, bulky soft palate, enlarged tongue, and large tonsils.

Recommended Investigations To determine the underlying causes of snoring, investigations may include nasal endoscopy, laryngoscopy, a sleep study (polysomnography), or a dynamic MRI sleep study. These tests help identify the specific factors contributing to snoring and guide appropriate treatment approaches.

Treating Snoring Effective management of snoring often involves lifestyle modifications. Overweight individuals are encouraged to lose weight through diet control and exercise, as excess weight can contribute to airway obstruction. Yoga and breathing exercises can also improve muscle tone and reduce snoring. However, for patients who are not overweight or do not see improvement with lifestyle changes, surgical intervention may be considered.

Surgical treatment options aim to address the multiple factors responsible for snoring. Advanced procedures such as palatoplasties, pharyngoplasties, and Coblation-assisted reduction of soft tissues in the throat and nose have shown promising outcomes, providing significant relief for snoring patients.

Discover the possibilities for effective snoring management. Consult with our experienced ENT team, who will assess your specific condition and recommend the most suitable treatment approach tailored to your needs.

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